College Planning

It is never too early to start planning for the cost of college. For many families, this expense is the second largest expenditure they will face in their lifetime behind saving for retirement. For these same families, the 15-year period before retirement is also the most crucial time to limit large expenses. Another challenge is balancing retirement needs with the desire to get the most for their kids for college. Our experts can help in all of these areas.

First, let’s begin with some numbers

Empirical Wealth Management can chart the best course for investing the assets you have saved or will put aside for college education. In doing so, we can also answer some of your questions, such as

  • How much money will need to be set aside monthly/quarterly/yearly in order to meet this goal?
  • How will my assets be invested?

Given the escalating costs of college, it makes sense to start planning now for your children’s education, even if they’re still very young. We would be happy to help you get things started. The future may seem a long way off, but toddlers have a way of suddenly turning into high school graduates in the blink of an eye.

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