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In this series our CEO Kenneth Smith shares his thoughts on finance and investing.

[CEO's Corner] Quantitative Easing and Tapering – What it Means For You

Quantitative easing followed by tapering – the newest diet fad?  No, but they are concepts that may be of importance to your fiscal health.  These are the buzzwords repeated by financial reporters before, during, and after each policy meeting by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. While the media often seems more […]

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[CEO's Corner] New Market Factors: A Look At Fundamental Index Investing

A key tenet of Empirical’s investment philosophy is that certain “factors” exist within equity markets that offer long-term risk-adjusted return premiums (or returns in excess of the market as a whole).  The specific factors used in Empirical models are the size premium (tilting the portfolio allocation toward companies with a smaller market capitalization) and the […]

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