Wall Street Transcript – Empirical’s Structured Asset Class Investing

Empirical Wealth Management is a Northwest-based, independent wealth management firm with offices in Washington and Oregon. Our mission is to provide a superior wealth management experience to high net worth individuals. We define wealth management as the marriage of customized asset management solutions with comprehensive ongoing financial planning. We believe the best way to provide this service and accomplish our mission is to act as a fiduciary for our clients, placing their interests before ours. Einstein once said, “Try not to be a man of success, but rather be a man of value.” We are committed to adding real value to our clients’ lives.

The name Empirical is derived from our commitment to remain independent in our thinking and apply scientific rigor to our investment solutions. We think of it as evidenced-based investing. In developing portfolio policy, we look to the academic world for empirical evidence. If the empirical data does not support an approach, we will not use it in practical application. For example, we avoid market timing and stock picking because we believe the preponderance of evidence concludes that there is little consistency among winners and that the higher expenses associated with active management reduces investor returns below market rates.

With regard to our values, our objective is to bring the best available wealth management solutions to our clients. Because we act with undivided loyalty to our clients, our advice is untainted by conflicts of interest. This means we will not create proprietary investment products or receive remuneration from any investments we recommend. It is our view that we are compensated to help our clients make a lifetime of smart financial decisions.


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