About Elliott Appel

As a CFP® professional and Associate Financial Advisor, Elliott works directly with clients and advisors to deliver exemplary service. Elliott graduated Summa Cum Laude from Seattle University with a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration with a Finance Major.

What Does the New IRS Rollover Rule Mean For Me?

With 2015 quickly approaching, there is a new IRS rule investors should be aware of that begins on January 1. It is the one-rollover-per-year rule for IRAs. What this rule states is that investors can only make one non-trustee-to-trustee rollover from one IRA to another IRA in a 12-month period. This limitation applies to rollovers […]

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Announcement: Open Medicare Enrollment Season

Open Medicare enrollment begins October 15 and closes on December 7, meaning this may be a good time to review your existing plan and compare it to other plans.  Even if you shopped around in prior years, reviewing your plan could save you money because as costs and coverage of plans change from year to […]

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Insurance 101: Are You Covered?

Fire, auto accident, earthquake, hurricane and death.  These might make for an exciting movie, but are not generally subjects for in-depth personal reflection.  Especially if we mean thinking about these disasters happening to us or our loved ones!  This may be why many savvy investors and fiscally responsible individuals don’t spend much time contemplating their […]

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The Spender and the Saver: How do I discuss finances with my significant other?

Generally speaking, “spenders” marry “savers” and “savers” marry “spenders” (see “Fatal (Fiscal) Attraction”). Does this describe your relationship? If so, are you the saver or the spender? Regardless of whether you have been married 30 or more years or are starting to get serious in a relationship, having an honest conversation about money with your […]

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