Retirement Planning

It’s About You

Before we know where you are going, it is vital to understand where you have been. Retirement planning hinges on a deep understanding of what you have done up until this point and exploring where you hope to be not only tomorrow, but decades from now.

We will have numerous conversations that will clarify your short-term and long-term goals. After identifying them, you will receive advice on how best to reach them. Like life, these goals are fluid. We will reexamine them regularly to make sure everything we are doing fits in line with what you hope to achieve.

Key considerations may include:

  • How much income do you need to support yourself in retirement?
  • What types of accounts do you have and how we can we structure them to provide better after-tax returns?
  • How can I save the most amount of money in the most tax-efficient way?
  • How will medical expenses or other unforeseen circumstances affect how we design an income stream?
  • Do you want to give to children, grandchildren, or charity? If so, what is the best way to give?

Our Approach

You are at the crux of your retirement planning. Our approach includes asking many questions. Through your answers, we will develop an outline of where you stand financially and emotionally. This includes, but is not limited to your tax picture, insurance coverage, retirement plans, as well as the intangible feelings, such as your relationship with money and risk. Once we have an outline, we get to work. You will receive recommendations directly tailored to you. We will work through why we recommend them, how they may affect you, and how it can lead to a more fruitful life for you and your family.

What We Do

While we do a lot, the core of what we do is very simple. What we hear from clients time and time again is that we provide peace of mind. They sleep better at night knowing they have a team of experts with a breadth of knowledge looking out for them.

It’s more than evidence-based research, tax preparation, or investment management. It’s knowing you have a committed team dedicated to your financial success.

How We Help

  • Work to decrease your worry, stress, and anxiety
  • Seek out opportunities to reduce the amount of taxes paid over your lifetime
  • Bring ideas and solutions you may never have thought of to light
  • Offer emotional support and a guided plan during times of distress (ie: job loss/transition, recessions, Alzheimer’s, and long-term care events)
  • Design income streams to protect you in up and down markets

A successful financial plan helps you live your values. Does yours?

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