Tailored Investment Management

It’s About You

There are many different types of portfolios, finding the right one takes a deep understanding of who you are. Our experienced advisors take the time to explore your unique financial opportunities and challenges to tailor the most effective solutions and advice.

Key considerations may include:

  • Prioritizing the areas in life that are important to you
  • Positioning your portfolio to sustain regular and periodic spending needs
  • Planning for uncertainty and taking only necessary risks to achieve your objectives
  • Proactive tax planning designed to complement your customized portfolio advice
  • Consideration for your loved ones and/or charitable organizations

Our Approach

Our investment approach is an extension of our core belief: to provide clients with the most valuable investment advice, we must understand what investment strategies are most likely to succeed. This process of examination, called Evidence-Based Research, is the basis for our knowledge and investment strategy.

What We Do

The knowledge gained through this process is carefully evaluated and implemented by your Empirical Advisor, who has taken the time to understand the difference between meaningful academic studies and subjective, agenda-driven research. This means our advice is much more than just another opinion on investing. Instead, our investment advice is supported by extensive back-testing, decades of research, and overwhelming 3rd party, peer-reviewed academic and empirical support.

How We Help

  • Tailor your portfolio to your unique tax circumstance, liquidity needs, or other personal constraints
  • Increase return for given level of risk via specialized portfolio diversification
  • Exclusive access to investments not available to the general public
  • Increase your safe spending rate with Empirical Based Portfolio Withdrawal Strategy
  • Provide proactive tax-loss harvesting to increase after-tax returns
  • Protect & diversify concentrated stock positions while managing taxes
  • Income and dividend focused portfolios
  • Manage against rising interest rate environments

A successful financial plan helps you live your values. Does yours?

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