Tax Planning

It’s About You

With the complicated and dynamic nature of tax laws, recognizing how to take advantage of every opportunity to reduce taxes takes a thorough understanding of not only tax laws, but the moving components of your life. You may have your own business, rental properties, stock options, or other situations that present tax planning opportunities. Hiring an expert that not only understands those situations, but can also provide proactive tax advice helps reduce mistakes you may make on your own, which can lead to penalties and interest. Our accountants save you time preparing your taxes and looking for opportunities to increase your overall wealth through proactive tax advice.

Key considerations may include:

  • Have you considered Roth conversions in lower income years?
  • Are you properly accounting for all deductions in your business?
  • Are you coordinating your charitable giving with other areas of your life by using a Donor Advised Fund or Charitable Remainder Trust?
  • Are you using asset location with your investments to increase your after-tax return?

Our Approach

Taxes can be complicated and you’re seeking a tax advisor that can do it all through a seamless and effective process. Our team of experienced tax professionals will work with you to address all your tax needs, from preparing your tax returns to designing proactive tax strategies to minimize your taxes and maximize your wealth. Our goal is to fully integrate our tax services with our clients’ wealth management and financial plans.

What We Do

Our professionals are here to help you with all your tax preparation needs. This may include, but is not limited to preparation of individual income tax returns, estate and gift tax returns, as well as various entity returns.

Comprehensive tax services include more than just the preparation of your tax return. At Empirical Wealth Management, our integrated service model considers your entire financial situation to provide proactive tax solutions involving many different tax minimization strategies.

How We Help

  • Seek out opportunities to reduce taxes on an on-going basis
  • Make you aware of tax law changes and how they may affect you
  • Reduce the time you spend dealing with taxes
  • Prevent errors that cost you money
  • Integrate tax advice with your financial plan and investments

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