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Our firm’s core philosophy below, guides everything we do. From the moment you contact us, you will begin to learn why we are rooted in academic, provable, and repeatable strategies. What does this mean for you? A higher likelihood of achieving your goals.

Would you operate a moving vehicle while blind folded?

This is a very difficult task that would likely result in catastrophic injuries. When driving, you are constantly using hand-eye-foot coordination as you use the visual information to move your hands and feet to keep the vehicle on the road. Likewise, when it comes to your financial future, you must survey the road ahead while integrating and prioritizing all facets of your financial life. Only then can you create a unified plan where each piece of your financial puzzle comes together to form a clear and unobstructed path.

Does changing lanes while stuck in traffic consistently save you time?

By the time you switch to a different lane, the lane you switched to slows down and the lane you left speeds up. Similarly, with investing, not chasing returns is important. Having patience and a disciplined approach is key to a successful long-term plan. Long-term success requires a disciplined investment philosophy to capture market returns, a well-crafted plan to document the approach and expectations, and a dedicated financial advocate to filter through the noise and ensure that the planned goals are met.

  Anchored in Academics
Would you plant a tree and move it the following year because it did not grow fast enough?

Arborists have studied and planned the proper way to care for a tree and following that plan will lead to successful growth. If you followed the instructions (right shade, watering schedule, etc.) and the tree grew less than expected one year, it does not mean you should stop watering it, uproot it to a new location, or make any drastic changes. By following the instructions, over time the tree will grow. Academic studies have proven which investment factors lead to long-term success. If you rely solely on your own experience and make changes at the wrong time, you may be jeopardizing your financial future. By drawing on the experience and work of independent, peer-reviewed experts, we can make more informed decisions.

  Forward Looking
Have you tried walking while only looking in the opposite direction?

While it is important to know who or what is behind you, it is also important to remain focused on who or what is in front of you. Similarly, with investing, one needs to be familiar with historical market performance but also take account of what the future may have in store. The basis of our investment and planning strategies account for what we know (historical data) but financial markets are rarely static and overtime, the landscape may change. It is important to equally take account of any environmental factors that may impact what we know, and adjust the strategy to mitigate risk or enhance opportunities.

  Tax Aware
Have you tried exercising to lose weight while eating fast food for every meal?

If your goal is to lose weight, you will need to understand the relationship between exercise and diet. There is a synergy between exercise and diet that leads to superior results versus only focusing on exercise. Similarly, if your goal is to increase after-tax returns, you will need to understand the synergies between taxes and investments. These opportunities exist only when your decision-making process is coordinated. Our team of experts review this regularly with clients, considering changes in their life or the tax code to reduce taxes over their lifetime.

  Designed for you
Have you had clothes altered without taking measurements or fittings?

As much as you may want to skip all the details and jump right into form-fitting clothes, your tailor will need to collect key measurements to provide you with the perfect fit. A tailored plan is paramount in achieving your goals. No two financial plans are the same. After all, each one of us have different goals, values, and conditions where your financial plan must incorporate these unique qualities. At Empirical, we cultivate our advisors to build lasting relationships with each of one of their clients so they may truly get to know you on a personal level.

Have you tried developing a close relationship with someone who isn’t genuine?

Developing a relationship requires walls to be broken down, and for both parties to openly reveal their personalities. After all, it's difficult to be friends with someone unless they are transparent in their actions. When working with a financial advisor, transparency is paramount. It is important that expectations are set and open lines of communication are established. It is also important to understand how your advisor is compensated and the services included. These factors build trust in a relationship. Our transparent nature assures our clients that their money is being handled with care, leaving them time to focus on other important matters in their own lives.

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