Empirical Asset Management

Empirical brings something different to the management of your 401K or company sponsored retirement plan. We deliver a highly competitive and cost effective management solution. As your plan’s advisor, we work to  increase employee participation, satisfaction and retention, while maximizing opportunities for the owners of your firm. Through a careful discovery process, we will pinpoint the key drivers for the formation of a company sponsored 401K plan and deliver solutions.


We strive to enhance our clients’ performance with Empirical’s Targeted Premium™ and Targeted Credit™ portfolios by implementing an evidence-based investment approach.

Credentials & Experience

Advice is provided by professionals with decades of experience and respected credentials in the investment industry: CFP®, MS, PFS and CPA.

Customized Approach

We provide advice that coordinates planning efforts in order to maximize the impact of each decision within the context of the company retirement plan. This includes investments and retirement planning. We take into account each business owner’s objectives and design a set of solutions to achieve their business and retirement goals.

Comprehensive Advisor Solution

Empirical coordinates all aspects of the 401(K) plan management. We direct the plan’s investment selection, administration, record-keeping, compliance and fiduciary responsibilities. We advise the third party administrator, trust custodian, tax professional and plan participants to maximize the benefit to you and your company. This complete 401(K) solution allows the time and resources of the business to be employed in a more meaningful and profitable manner.


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