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[Empirical Papers] Are Markets Rigged? A Look at High-Frequency Trading and Market Microstructure

With the recent release of author Michael Lewis’ book Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt and its assertion that markets are rigged, there has been a huge wave of interest in high-frequency trading (HFT) and its effect on stock markets.  Along with members of the financial media, interested parties include market participants, both retail and […]

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[Empirical Papers] Enhanced Index Investing: Capitalizing on Market Returns

Traditional Funds vs. Index Funds vs. Enhanced Index Funds A common investment myth, among professional and non-professional investors alike, is that with easy access to copious amounts of financial and economic information, it is easy to determine to some extent, where markets are going and profit accordingly.  This is evident from the large amount of […]

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[Empirical Papers] Interest Rate and Credit Risk in a Fixed Income Portfolio

In recent weeks, market news about fixed income has been growing increasingly bearish.  Historically low interest rates and unconventional monetary actions by the Federal Reserve have fueled claims in the financial press of a “bond bubble” and an impending crash in asset prices.  With interest rates nearly at a lower bound and credit spreads compressing, many […]

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[Empirical Papers] Empirical’s 10 Steps to Investment Success

Successful investing requires an informed and well-developed strategy based on empirical evidence coupled with extensive experience and knowledge of financial markets.  There are several well-established and widely accepted tenets of investing that allow an investor to maximize expected future returns.  The role of a financial advisor is to assist investors with learning and following these […]

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[Empirical Papers] Capital Market Expectations and The Equity Premium

Throughout the history of financial markets, participants have endeavored to predict the return prospects of financial assets. Today is no different, as many investors and financial professionals are asking the same question: “What is the ‘new normal’ for capital markets?” Some, like Bill Gross, founder and managing director of PIMCO, have declared the days of […]

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[Empirical Papers] Empirical’s Retirement Advantage Program

For most of us, retirement success means achieving some version of living comfortably, while being as worry-free as possible during our retirement years. However, reaching this goal is often easier said than done. Even though we work hard, act responsibly, plan, and save, we may still come up short of reaching our goals. Sometimes this […]

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[Empirical Papers] Tax Minimization Through Roth Conversions and Asset Location

It is our advice and practice that we manage investments by addressing issues in order of their importance. We make this determination by understanding which areas of planning give us the greatest opportunity to influence a client’s specific situation. Many professionals and individual investors fail to heed this advice and focus on issues that seem relevant […]

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[Empirical Papers] Dynamic Income Distribution System

In 2009, the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards sponsored the National Consumer Survey on Personal Finance to establish baseline data on consumer personal finance and financial planning related attitudes and behaviors1. Respondents selected “managing retirement income” as one of the most important financial planning issues in their lives. In spite of this being a […]

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