Milan McMakin

As an Associate Financial Advisor, Milan collaborates with Empirical’s financial advisors in building customized financial plans and investment strategies for clients. She has prior wealth [...]

Thomas Boyer, CFP®, MS

As a financial advisor with over 20 years of experience, Thomas spent 10 years working exclusively with fortune 500 corporate executives to provide advice on executive retirement benefits, [...]

Stephen I. Lee, CFP®, MBA

As a Financial Advisor with Empirical Wealth Management, Stephen helps clients build, manage, protect and transfer their wealth in the most tax efficient manner. Having serviced clients in the [...]

Eric Kinyon, CFP®, MBA

As an advisor with over 13 years of experience, Eric is passionate about helping clients and their families build and maintain prudent financial plans to achieve their personal goals. Since [...]

Mark B. Umek, CFP®

As a financial advisor with 15 years of experience, Mark is dedicated to providing clients with sound financial advice and exceptional service. He guides his clients through the financial [...]

Michael Randall, CFP®, EA

As a Financial Advisor, Michael creates customized solutions for his clients by determining opportunities relating to tax minimization, financial planning, and investment management. He is [...]

John Miller

As an Associate Financial Advisor with Empirical Wealth Management, John collaborates with advisors and clients to assist in developing and implementing financial plans. He has previous [...]

Kenneth Chavis IV

As an Associate Financial Advisor, Kenneth works diligently with Empirical’s financial advisors to execute the various aspects of clients’ financial plans and investment strategies. Kenneth also [...]

Brian Reed, CFP®, MS

As a financial advisor at Empirical Wealth Management, Brian works to develop personalized financial planning strategies for our clients focusing on tax minimization, wealth management, and cash [...]

Jeannie Pedersen, AAMS®

Jeannie is a financial advisor working with clients in the Portland area and throughout the Northwest. She has worked with individual investors since 1998. Jeannie enjoys getting to know each of [...]

Jason Sulkosky, CFP®

As a financial advisor for over 18 years, Jason is committed to building close relationships with his clients. He values a pleasant wealth management experience that is built on a foundation of [...]