Mark B. Umek, CFP®

As a financial advisor with 15 years of experience, Mark is dedicated to providing clients with sound financial advice and exceptional service. He guides his clients through the financial [...]

James Cooney, MS

As an Associate Advisor, James assists financial advisors in the development, implementation, and monitoring of our clients, investment, tax, and cash flow strategies. He proactively coordinates [...]

Michael Randall

As an Associate Financial Advisor, Michael provides direct support to our financial advisors and their clients. Michael assists with identifying opportunities relating to tax minimization, [...]

John Miller

As an Associate Financial Advisor with Empirical Wealth Management, John collaborates with advisors and clients to assist in developing and implementing financial plans. He has previous [...]

Kenneth Chavis IV

As an Associate Financial Advisor, Kenneth works diligently with Empirical’s financial advisors to execute the various aspects of clients’ financial plans and investment strategies. Kenneth also [...]

Aaron Wilkinson, MBA

As a financial advisor with Empirical Wealth Management, Aaron is dedicated to providing exceptional service to his clients. Aaron is a third-generation Alaskan with strong ties to the Anchorage [...]

Brian Reed, MS

As a financial advisor at Empirical Wealth Management, Brian works to develop personalized financial planning strategies for our clients focusing on tax minimization, wealth management, and cash [...]

Jeannie Pedersen, AAMS®

Jeannie is a financial advisor working with clients in the Portland area and throughout the Northwest. She has worked with individual investors since 1998. Jeannie enjoys getting to know each of [...]

Jason Sulkosky, CFP®

As a financial advisor for over 18 years, Jason is committed to building close relationships with his clients. He values a pleasant wealth management experience that is built on a foundation of [...]

Joseph Conachy, CFP®

As Director of Business Development, Joe is responsible for implementing Empirical’s strategic growth initiative by establishing and maintaining the firm’s business relationships. In [...]

Shan Zubair, CFP®, MS

Shan has been with Empirical Wealth Management since 2007 and has extensive knowledge in the implementation of the firm’s investment management, tax minimization and financial planning [...]