Jaime White

As Chief Operating Officer, Jaime manages the firm’s daily operations and its strategies to implement its long-term growth objectives. She returned to Empirical after founding a consulting [...]

Lindsay Farnsworth, IACCP®

As Chief Compliance Officer, Lindsay oversees the development and execution of Empirical’s policies and procedures to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations. Lindsay is an integral [...]

Paul Ohainle, JD, LL.M

As Director of Estate Planning, Paul applies his estate planning experience from California and Washington to guide the firm’s wealth transfer strategies in relation to estate tax and gift tax [...]

Joseph Conachy, CFP®

As Director of Business Development, Joe is responsible for implementing Empirical’s strategic growth initiative by establishing and maintaining the firm’s business relationships. In [...]

Shan Zubair, CFP®, MS

Shan has been with Empirical Wealth Management since 2007 and has extensive knowledge in the implementation of the firm’s investment management, tax minimization and financial planning [...]

Simon Liu, PMP®, CMFC®

As Chief Marketing Technology Officer, Simon manages the technology and marketing needs for Empirical. He works to maintain and develop efficiencies with the tools our advisory team uses and [...]

James A. Jones II, JD, CPA, MPAcc

As Director of Tax and Wealth Transfer, Jim applies his tax and legal expertise to guide the firm’s tax planning and wealth transfer strategies. He provides proactive tax planning solutions to [...]

Ethan Broga, CFP®, MS

As a partner with Empirical Wealth Management, Ethan works to develop, implement and monitor sound financial strategies designed to grow and protect the wealth of individuals, families and [...]

Lorne Enquist, CPA/PFS, MPAcc

As a partner with Empirical, Lorne manages portfolios and shares his tax consulting experience for strategic tax planning for Empirical clients. Lorne has a combined 20 years of experience [...]