Stock Grants

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The Scenario

Understanding the tax treatment of stock options is stressful. Each have their unique tax consequences based on when they exercise, vest, and sell. It can feel overwhelming to track each grant of stock and what action to take. Working with our team of experts will help ensure that you are taking advantage of these options in a tax sensitive manner.

Key Considerations

  • Do you know how long you need to hold your stock options to receive preferential tax treatment?
  • Do you know what to do if the underlying stock declines in value significantly after exercise?
  • Is a cashless exercise right for you?

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How we help

Our team of experts aim to determine the best course of action with your stock options. We will weigh the decisions for the sale of any exercised options against their tax liability and the risk of holding the stock. As always, our goal is to provide the best after-tax results.

Our process includes:

  • Ongoing tax analysis coordinated with a diversification strategy
  • Coordinate stock option decisions with overall financial planning strategies

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