Jaime Fry, MA

As a Portfolio Manager, Jaime is dedicated to providing clients with customized portfolio solutions. She carefully implements and monitors each strategy to ensure they cater to her clients’ [...]

Jaime White

As Chief Operating Officer, Jaime manages the firm’s daily operations and its strategies to implement its long-term growth objectives. She returned to Empirical after founding a consulting [...]

Stephen I. Lee, CFP®, MBA

As a Financial Advisor with Empirical Wealth Management, Stephen helps clients build, manage, protect and transfer their wealth in the most tax efficient manner. Having serviced clients in the [...]

Eric Kinyon, CFP®, MBA

As an advisor with over 13 years of experience, Eric is passionate about helping clients and their families build and maintain prudent financial plans to achieve their personal goals. Since [...]

Taylor M. Wong, CPA

As a Tax Manager with Empirical, Taylor works with high net worth individuals, families and businesses to formulate and implement tax strategies to reduce their tax burden. With her extensive [...]

Mark B. Umek, CFP®

As a financial advisor with 15 years of experience, Mark is dedicated to providing clients with sound financial advice and exceptional service. He guides his clients through the financial [...]

James Cooney, MS

As an Associate Advisor, James assists financial advisors in the development, implementation, and monitoring of our clients, investment, tax, and cash flow strategies. He proactively coordinates [...]

Lindsay Farnsworth, IACCP®

As Chief Compliance Officer, Lindsay oversees the development and execution of Empirical’s policies and procedures to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations. Lindsay is an integral [...]

Benjamin Finley, CFA®

As a Portfolio Manager, Ben implements and monitors client investment portfolios. He works closely with Empirical’s research team to develop new, customized investment strategies and is [...]

Paul Ohainle, JD, LL.M

As Director of Estate Planning, Paul applies his estate planning experience from California and Washington to guide the firm’s wealth transfer strategies in relation to estate tax and gift tax [...]

Michael Randall, CFP®, EA

As a Financial Advisor, Michael creates customized solutions for his clients by determining opportunities relating to tax minimization, financial planning, and investment management. He is [...]

John Miller

As an Associate Financial Advisor with Empirical Wealth Management, John collaborates with advisors and clients to assist in developing and implementing financial plans. He has previous [...]