Pete Michel, CFA®, MA

As a Senior Fixed Income Strategist, Pete works with Portfolio Managers to build and manage customized fixed income portfolio solutions in accordance with clients’ financial goals and risk [...]

Erich Gebbie, CFP®, MBA

As a Financial Advisor, Erich takes a hands-on approach to implementing clients’ financial goals and strategies with great thoughtfulness. With over 20 years of experience working with [...]

Jay Shi, CPA, CFP®

As an Associate Financial Advisor, Jay works closely with Financial Advisors to assist clients in the development and implementation of financial plans. Prior to Empirical, Jay had seven years of [...]

Hannah Kim

Hannah supports Empirical with maintaining clients’ accounts and works with the Operations team to facilitate client onboarding, documentation throughout the client journey, and various [...]

Camille Hummel

As Portland’s Office Manager, Camille works behind the scenes to ensure an exceptional experience for clients and employees. She comes to Empirical with a versatile background in hospitality, [...]

Qun Li, CPA, MS

作为Empirical的税务经理,群专注于协助高净值个人、家庭及其企业进行税务合规、规划和战略制定。 她有良好的与客户建立相互信任关系的能力;在税务准备、规划和合规方面有较深刻的造诣;致力于帮助客户实施税务策略,取得客户的信任。

Jared Drechsler, CPA

As a tax manager at Empirical, Jared provides tax planning and compliance for high-net-worth individuals, multi-generational family groups, trusts, their businesses, and real estate including IRC [...]

Qun Li, CPA, MS

As a tax manager at Empirical, Qun focuses on assisting high net worth individuals, families, and their businesses with tax compliance, planning, and strategy. She truly enjoys cultivating [...]

Kerstin Zarate, CPA

As a tax manager at Empirical, Kerstin applies her tax and auditing expertise to assist clients with their tax planning and compliance needs. She focuses on building client relationships and [...]