How do I generate income in retirement?

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The Scenario

It’s here. You made it. You are now in retirement. It’s time to begin spending the money you diligently saved all these years. It’s no longer a question of how much you should save, but how much should you spend and from which accounts.

Key Considerations

  • How do you determine your safe withdrawal rate?
  • From which type of account should you start taking withdrawals?
  • Should your investments change now that you are taking money from your portfolio regularly?
  • How do you know you won’t run out of money?
  • How do taxes change now that you are not earning a paycheck?

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How we help

We first start with a retirement plan to identify how much income you need from your portfolio during retirement, your ability to withstand the ups and downs of the stock market, and the likelihood of the plan being successful. Based on these results, we arrive at a mix of stocks, bonds, alternatives, or cash together. From there, we determine which investments to hold in each type of account to minimize the amount of tax you will pay. Together we will decide on a preferred method to distribute income from your investments to recreate the feel of receiving a paycheck, so you can spend time and energy doing the things you enjoy most.

Our process includes:

  • Identifying the right mix of investments to protect against market declines
  • Choosing between individual bonds or bond funds to maximize return and minimize volatility
  • Structuring a portfolio geared toward dividends
  • Carefully choosing how to claim Social Security and pensions
  • Proactive tax minimization recommendations from your personal CPA, such as Roth conversions, asset location, and tax gain or loss harvesting

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