How do I reduce taxes over my lifetime?

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The Scenario

Income taxes are inevitable. The key is figuring out how to reduce the amount of taxes owed each year and throughout your life. The problem is that navigating the complex tax code on your own can be quite challenging. Trying to reduce your tax bill in one year may have detrimental consequences to your overall long-term plan.

Key Considerations

  • How can you be certain that you are taking advantage of all the tax deductions and tax planning strategies available to you each year?
  • Do you have an integrated plan that will not only minimize your taxes this year, but over the remainder of your life?
  • Is your current CPA providing proactive tax planning advice or simply preparing your tax return for you each year?

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How we help

Our team of experienced tax professionals will work with you to address all your tax needs, from preparing your tax returns to designing proactive tax strategies to minimize your taxes and maximize your wealth. Our goal is to fully integrate our tax services with our clients’ wealth management and financial plans.

Our process includes:

  • Working with a personal tax advisor to develop a comprehensive tax strategy for the current and future years
  • Developing a Roth conversion strategy in low income tax years to reduce taxes in the future
  • Taking advantage of the unique benefits in executive compensation plans to defer taxes into the future
  • Discuss the possibility of gifting appreciated stock or property, opening a donor-advised fund, or creating a charitable remainder trust to optimize charitable giving
  • Reviewing available retirement plan options such as individual 401k’s, SEP IRA’s, or after-tax contributions to 401k’s
  • Preparation  of your individual tax return by a CPA

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