How do I reduce the risk of losing money in my investments?

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The Scenario

You’ve worked hard and did a great job building a nest egg to protect. With a larger nest egg, you face the possibility of losing more and having less time to recover it. You may be wondering if what you are doing today is the right thing. You’ve reached a comfortable place in life, and it is even more important that the decisions made today will help achieve your retirement goals. As we age, there is less time to make up for mistakes, making it even more important to seek a second opinion and create a more methodical investment strategy and retirement plan.

Key Considerations

  • Do you know how your investments are affecting your taxes?
  • Are you taking the right risks to add return?
  • Are you introducing more risk than you need?
  • How do you know which asset classes are appropriate for you to own?
  • How do you decide which specific investments to own in each asset class?
  • When taking withdrawals from your portfolio, how do you decide what to sell?
  • When investing deposits, how do you decide what to buy?

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How we help

We start with a discussion about your investment knowledge to understand how you got to this point and your goals for the future. Once we understand where you have been and what you hope to achieve, we will discuss how we would restructure the portfolio to give you a higher likelihood of achieving your goals. Together, we decide on the best way to manage the portfolio on an ongoing basis to take advantage of new research, new types of investments, and any other changes in your life.

Our process includes:

  • Modeling the impact of financial decisions on your long-term future to provide comfort in knowing that you’ve made the most informed decisions
  • Reviewing the tax burden of current investments and how to minimize taxes
  • Identifying missing asset classes from your current portfolio that will likely increase return and reduce risk
  • Formulating a rules-based, academic approach to remove emotions from investing
  • Staying up-to-date on new investments and how they may fit into your portfolio

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