Transitioning Into Retirement Is Never Easy

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The Scenario

Doing something for the first time is usually uncomfortable.  It’s no different for retirement. You’ve done well to save, but the idea of living off your retirement savings can feel like setting sail for the first time. As you prepare, you wonder if you forgot anything or if it will be smooth sailing.  You ask yourself what might happen that could get in the way of having the experience you want.

Key Considerations

  • Wouldn’t it be better to embark on this journey with an experienced guide who has successfully helped others make the transition rather than doing it alone?

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How we help

Through our experience, knowledge, and expertise, our objective is to help avoid potentially unnecessary risks and costly mistakes that could derail your retirement.  Our retirement planning process is designed to replace uncertainty with clarity and confidence so you can spend time and energy doing the things you enjoy most.

Our process includes:

  • Finding the right balance of stability, income, and growth for your portfolio
  • Locating and then testing your safe withdrawal rate against adverse market conditions
  • Proactive tax minimization recommendations from your personal tax advisor or CPA
  • Examination of insurance coverages to protect against avoidable risk

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