What do I do with my inheritance?

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The Scenario

Receiving an inheritance often comes with mixed emotions. You may be struggling to cope with the loss of a loved one while at the same time deciding how to handle the financial windfall. However, before you make any decisions on how to spend or invest it, your first decision should be to find a fiduciary advisor to help you avoid the potential pitfalls. It’s important to have a plan to secure your financial independence before making any big spending decisions.

Key Considerations

  • Are you familiar with the types of accounts you inherited, the tax consequences of each and whether it make sense to continue the strategy of the inherited assets in the context of your financial plan?

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How we help

We help our clients understand the types of assets they inherited and decide how to manage the assets in the most effective way. Most importantly, you’ll have a financial advocate working on your behalf during a difficult time.

Our process includes:

  • Balance short-term spending decisions with long-term goals
  • Minimize the tax impact from withdrawing from the different types of accounts
  • Customized financial independence plan designed to reflect your goals and objectives
  • Creating a financial plan to evaluate the options created by the inheritance

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