How do I manage my financial life after the loss of my spouse?

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The Scenario

The loss of a spouse can be painful and confusing.  As you mourn, it may be helpful to have an objective and experienced person helping you evaluate critical financial decisions that can impact the rest of your life. You may be asking yourself, what do I do next?

Key Considerations

  • Instead of increasing your burden of possibly making an error, wouldn’t it be more comforting to know an experienced team of professionals has helped many others through this process?

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How we help

We help our clients understand what needs to be done financially after the loss of a spouse and guide them through every step of the process.

Our process includes:

  • Taking advantage of opportunities considering the changes to your tax filing status
  • Evaluating your estate plan and making necessary changes, including updating beneficiaries and titling of accounts
  • Reviewing pension and Social Security options and how that fits into your overall income picture
  • Assessing and creating a financial plan to incorporate new life changes
  • Comprehensive tax planning and preparation in coordination with charitable giving with your Empirical tax advisor

A successful financial plan helps you live your values. Does yours?

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