What should I do to plan for life after divorce?

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The Scenario

The emotional energy needed to see yourself through a divorce often means making unintentional sacrifices in other areas of your life. Your focus may become narrowed to the issues at hand while uncertainty about your future grows and seems to linger around every corner. You may find yourself needing help to recalibrate your goals and objectives and the means to accomplish them.

Key Considerations

  • How has this experienced changed your life goals?   
  • What is most important to you now?
  • How will you recalibrate and execute your planning objectives on your own?   
  • Are you making the right decisions during this physically and emotionally draining time?

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How we help

Working with an experienced financial advisor to help you understand where you are today is an important first step in advancing you towards your new life. We seek to alleviate the financial stress and uncertainty of going through a divorce, leaving you time to focus on the things that matter to you most. As with many life transitions, a divorce may present planning opportunities that require careful review.

Our process includes:

  • Modeling the impact of financial decisions on your long-term future to provide comfort in knowing that you’ve made the most informed decisions
  • Taking inventory of assets and income to identify opportunities to reduce taxes
  • Reviewing of beneficiary designation and estate plan to reflect your wishes
  • Examination of insurance coverages to protect against avoidable risk

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