Get Rich Slow: 15 Smart Ways to Manage Your Money Right Now

Seattle Met- OH, IT GOT UGLY. In the dark days of March 2009, no one knew, from an economic standpoint, what would happen next. And it’s not like that’s all over. “We’re not out of the woods yet” is the message the media relays day after day, spooking us with talk of a double-dip recession and unemployment rates that just won’t budge.
But what does it mean for your money? Talk to leading wealth managers, and they’ll say smart financial practice is the same as it ever was: to diversify stocks, think long-term, pay down debt, revisit your portfolio every quarter. But history shows that when a financial bust or boom hits, common sense is often the first thing to go. To get you thinking like a pro, we wrangled 15 tips from three local financial advisors: Ken Smith, a wealth manager with a proof-in-the-pudding philosophy; Therese Govern, a retirement guru who preps clients for the golden years; and Dennis Daugs, a plain-talking moneyman who handles some of our city’s biggest portfolios.

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