The Only Guide To Winning Investment Strategy You’ll Ever Need

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Throughout the last fifteen years of the bull market, individual investors were able to participate and amass financial holdings by way of mutual funds. But the constant buying and selling to “beat the market” and grow their fund’s wealth also entailed costs and capital gains. And who paid for it? The investor. Over the past 20 years smart investors began switching to index mutual funds to keep more of their money. Index funds buy and hold all of the stocks in an index, dramatically reducing trading costs and taxes. And now, with Larry Swedroe’s expert advice, the small investor can take advantage of this investment strategy and win big. In The Only Guide to a Winning Investment Strategy You’ll Ever Need, Larry Swedroe explains:

  • How index mutual funds out-earn older investment strategies.
  • How to pick the right balanced “passive” portfolio that will reward investors with the highest expected return for the amount of risk the investor is willing to accept.
  • How to play the winner’s game with this big and rapidly growing investor trend. Based on over forty years of research by the world’s leading financial economists, the advice Larry Swedroe offers in this new and valuable book shows that those willing to move beyond conventional wisdom will open themselves to a method of great financial growth.

The Only Guide to a Winning Investment Strategy You’ll Ever Need is the first major book on the newest Index Mutual Funds and strategies, today’s biggest investor trend.